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The Questions We Ask When We Begin to Teach Writing

It’s 5:15 am on a Tuesday morning, and my day is beginning in its usual fashion. First, I let the dog out. Then, I turn the kettle on. I drop a tea bag into my favorite cup, and while I wait for the water to boil, I turn on my computer. Everyone else is still […]

Learning from Young Writers

Six year old Luke Toney entered the WNY Young Writers’ Studio as a self-proclaimed resistant writer. His proclamations were always very polite, but still? He really didn’t like to write. So much so that he visibly stiffened each time I invited him to put pen to paper. In the early days, the moment we began […]

Practicing Appreciative Inquiry

  Focusing on the weaknesses that writers possess inhibits us from empowering them to identify what they are good at so that they may use their strengths to contribute to our classrooms and our communities. Have you considered how many young people graduate from our high schools completely alienated from themselves and thoroughly unaware of […]