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Writing Teachers: Join Us as We Work to Establish Habits of Documentation

A bit of context: The WNY Young Writer’s Studio teacher fellowship program provides opportunities for those who teach writing to engage in self-directed action research projects over the course of an entire school year. Those who invest themselves in this experience pursue questions that are essential to their work by positioning themselves as learners and […]

Fan Fiction: How Many Young Writers Become Adult Writers

Writers of all ages pull up stools at Studio, and over the years, I’ve discovered something interesting about how they seem to evolve: our youngest writers typically share stories about pets, pals, and the people they love while adult writers often weave complex tales which inspire people to ponder complex questions that rarely have clear answers. So, what happens on a writer’s […]

Photo Walks Help Writers Make a Careful Study of Setting

Studio writers recently took a stroll through Kenmore in search of images that reminded them of the settings they were crafting for their own stories. They were pleasantly surprised by the quickly changing landscape of our little village and the variety of buildings and spaces it offered them. Conducting this kind of research brought their […]

Empty Hands

Who remembers this?   I do. I remember it as well as I remember that first walk down the “magic path”, the turkeys that blessed our writing session in the woods, and the way the light skipped across the top of each writer’s head as we bent down over our notebooks in that tiny little […]

The Inquiring Writing Teacher

  Wellsville Middle and High School English teachers began inquiry work within collegial learning circles three years ago. What they accomplished for writers that year and what they’ve continued to accomplish as a result of their collegiality is nothing short of inspiring. These inquiry groups grew out of the staff’s desire to learn with and […]