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Silver and Gold

Packing always brings back memories. This week, as I was packing books, I was reminded of an exchange I once had with a widely respected educator on Twitter. He asked me who my heroes were, and I mentioned Nancie Atwell. “But her work was published decades ago,” he chastised me. “Writing is very different now. So is […]

The Inquiring Writing Teacher

  Wellsville Middle and High School English teachers began inquiry work within collegial learning circles three years ago. What they accomplished for writers that year and what they’ve continued to accomplish as a result of their collegiality is nothing short of inspiring. These inquiry groups grew out of the staff’s desire to learn with and […]

Markets, Contests, and Online Communities for Young Writers

Since recent posts have focused on the importance of building and sharing our expertise, I thought it fitting to cap off the conversation by sharing our growing collection of favorite writing communities, markets, and contests. Studio writers will have the opportunity to learn more about sharing their expertise by submitting work for publication  when we […]

Writing Communities are Powered by Shared Expertise

The most valued members of our writing community are those who commit to building and sharing their expertise with intention. Our definition of shared expertise was influenced by our friends at Communities for Learning: Leading Lasting Change. It’s still a work progress, as is the rubric that follows. Over the years, we’ve relied on reflective […]

Using Appreciative Inquiry to Grow Great Writers

As teachers, we are often far more sensitive to the weaknesses that our writers possess than we are to their strengths. Once we’ve targeted a weakness, it is common for us to slide into problem-solving mode. This inhibits us from identifying what writers are good at and helping them use their strengths to serve others […]