Welcome to the WNY Young Writers’ Studio

The WNY Young Writers’ Studio is a community where writers, teachers, and young people come together to investigate writing processes and the teaching practices that support them best. Students of all ability levels define their own interests, pursue self-directed projects, and develop their own approaches for creating writing.5

Writing empowers us to raise our voices, and as we connect and learn from others, we come to know ourselves and our purposes even more. At Studio, we learn how to honor and support the writer in everyone, because writers make the world a better place.

Studio isn’t a workshop, a class, or a camp. It’s a lasting community and one that most fellows return to for support season after season. There is no cost to participate, but those who join us are expected to give as much as they gain from their experiences here. Regardless of age, title, or role, all Studio fellows are teachers. We have much to learn from one another.

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